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During grad school Thursdays were my designated weekly pajama day. Staying in PJs was my note to the world (and myself) that while I may be working, I would absolutely not leave the house. Lovely PJ days.

Today I declared PJ day for myself, and it’s been rather productive! Over 250 posts read from my google reader (only about 100 to go), dishes washed, fancypants lunch made (Mango-Chicken salad: in a hot pan cooked chicken and mango with cayenne pepper, ginger, and marsala, served over spinach), applied to jobs, RECEIVED A JOB OFFER!!!

I asked to think it over for the evening, but I’ll take it. It’s a level higher than the one I applied for, and I really like the manager I interviewed with. I would start training in on the 27th, which means I have some time to enjoy being unemployed instead of feeling alternately relaxed, guilty, stressed, broke, grumpy, nervous, bored by being unemployed.


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Job Hunt

Applied to two more academic advising jobs, already heard I am not being considered for the first one. Also not in the running for the home sales one. It’s frustrating because I know I could absolutely do both those jobs.  Sometimes I apply for a job that I know will be a stretch, those two absolutely would not be. It’s depressing. At my last position I was hyper-competent, always taking on new responsibilities and improving, rising to the occasion to complete tasks outside my comfort zone.

I’ve applied for other jobs since the last job entry, but nothing I am really excited about, primarily admin-assistant positions. woo.

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Job Application Count

I’m applying for jobs. Even though I have a Masters degree and “held positions of increasing responsibility” at my last job, I’m under-qualified for even entry level jobs. How is it entry level if you require 1-3 years of experience in the field? Here are the ones I am hoping for so far:

  • Trainer at a call center: Pros: I have a teaching background and have trained adults in the past. Cons: Never have I ever worked in a call center.
  • Academic Advisor at a college: Pros: This was one of the factors I loved most about my old job. Cons: They want experience at the college level, mine are with secondary school students.
  • Admin Assistant at the headquarters of a retail brand: Pros: I know MS Office and how to answer phones. Cons: Though I have scheduled and attended meetings before, it was not in an office environment. Pay’s probably pretty low.
  • Sales Associate for a housing developer: Pros: Listening to people and figuring out how to meet their needs is similar to what I did in the past, only this is housing, not academics. I like house shopping and personalization. Cons: Don’t have sales experience, this is one of those “entry level” but requires experience jobs.

I also applied to be the security guard at a bank’s vault. Not that I think I’d get it, but it seemed random enough to apply just for the story. I’ve applied to some other random ones but they’re rather forgettable and I am not particularly hopeful.

If all else fails, perhaps I could re-open this place? Looks like an awesome business idea!

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