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Looks like a bigass storm is on the way. Hope the power stays on. The cable’s already flickering.


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Creekside Gahanna

Do you think there are alligators in Ohio?

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Job Hunt

Applied to two more academic advising jobs, already heard I am not being considered for the first one. Also not in the running for the home sales one. It’s frustrating because I know I could absolutely do both those jobs.  Sometimes I apply for a job that I know will be a stretch, those two absolutely would not be. It’s depressing. At my last position I was hyper-competent, always taking on new responsibilities and improving, rising to the occasion to complete tasks outside my comfort zone.

I’ve applied for other jobs since the last job entry, but nothing I am really excited about, primarily admin-assistant positions. woo.

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Job Application Count

I’m applying for jobs. Even though I have a Masters degree and “held positions of increasing responsibility” at my last job, I’m under-qualified for even entry level jobs. How is it entry level if you require 1-3 years of experience in the field? Here are the ones I am hoping for so far:

  • Trainer at a call center: Pros: I have a teaching background and have trained adults in the past. Cons: Never have I ever worked in a call center.
  • Academic Advisor at a college: Pros: This was one of the factors I loved most about my old job. Cons: They want experience at the college level, mine are with secondary school students.
  • Admin Assistant at the headquarters of a retail brand: Pros: I know MS Office and how to answer phones. Cons: Though I have scheduled and attended meetings before, it was not in an office environment. Pay’s probably pretty low.
  • Sales Associate for a housing developer: Pros: Listening to people and figuring out how to meet their needs is similar to what I did in the past, only this is housing, not academics. I like house shopping and personalization. Cons: Don’t have sales experience, this is one of those “entry level” but requires experience jobs.

I also applied to be the security guard at a bank’s vault. Not that I think I’d get it, but it seemed random enough to apply just for the story. I’ve applied to some other random ones but they’re rather forgettable and I am not particularly hopeful.

If all else fails, perhaps I could re-open this place? Looks like an awesome business idea!

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Two weeks ago we were sweating profusely and thinking “surely this time it really will only be one more hour until we are done loading the damn van (and dumpster).” And it was just over that hour. Then the long drive, then the moving in.

Reasons I like Columbus:

  1. Driving here is ridiculously easy. People are nice to (or scared of) out of town people with PA plates. There are a lot of lanes on the roads, and not many cars. Downtown is eeeeeemppppptyyyyyy in the middle of the day.
  2. Franklin Park Conservatory. I noticed it while driving past and decided to stop for a while. The outdoor part has plenty of benches and ponds and geese. Don’t know about the inside yet, saving that for a future adventure.
  3. Discovering unique places to eat or spend time (http://www.jgumbos.com/, Gahanna Woods Park, North Market, Raisin Rack)
  4. Beer and Wine sold in grocery stores

Reasons Columbus gets me grumpy:

  1. People parking in the right lane. I don’t care if it’s legal, it is weird. It’s also annoying.
  2. The overabundance of big box stores and suburbs.
  3. CVS doesn’t really need to get in on selling beer and wine.
  4. The flat, flat and more flat.

When I think of Columbus as a city I get disappointed, if I think of it as a big town I feel more positive about being here. Ish.

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Yum lunch at J Gumbo’s

The pins in the voodoo dolls on the chip package crack me up.

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1. Just listened to this recording of a Tegan and Sara concert. I’ve enjoyed them since before they were superfamous and went to a concert in 2oo3, it was in a bar/restaurant and we had a great time. This winter Huz gave me tickets for their Feb concert, and then moved to OH before the performance! I went with a friend instead, cried in the car because he’d left that morning, but did have a good time at the show. Our concert had more humorous stories, but this is a fun way to listen! While listening I weeded our back yard area at the apartment. It’s a mess. There is one super long thorny something snaking across our yard. Not sure if it will blossom or not, but not going to attempt moving it until I re-find gardening gloves.

2. Kraken Rum is actually quite nice.

3. Randomly caught TRANSform me, I actually recommend it. The women on the show do a good job of informing and entertaining, and their commentary about transforming yourself have added weight.

4. Still imagining our future garden, and remembered that I would love to have lilacs! In addition to being one of my favourite scents, they transplant well and a friend of mine has a lilac tree. It would be wonderful to bring a few shoots from her place to plant at ours. That reminded me that several years ago I imagined planting a garden with flowers that represented different friendships. Its an idea in progress.

5. Packed 5 boxes of books today. Have many, many more to go, but thought that getting a head start and packing ahead of time will help cut down on future procrastination. I think I am less likely to procrastinate with this move because I am so excited to finally leave.

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