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Huz is drawn in by the following commercial (I am seriously tempted to buy him little-girl knock-off-uggs). He’s even admitted to singing the song while driving alone ūüôā

Me? I have the Levi’s “Pioneers! O Pioneers!” commercial on a loop in my brains.

This morning I looked up “Pioneers! O¬†Pioneers” and remembered just how much I love Whitman. (Ps. Here’s a rather creepy animation of Whitman “reading” Pioneers! O Pioneers!)

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I left for boarding school in 1996. Since then I have moved, or expected to move, every year. This year is no different, clearly I expect to move this spring (I have a blog about it and everything!) But this move is different, this time I am expecting to move and stay in one place for a while. Yes, we may move again in five or more years, but in the meantime we plan to have a house, settle in, start traditions. I am so excited!

I have a mental “when I have a house” list. When I have a house I will have a sewing machine, and I will make curtains and pillowcases, or crafts. When I have a house I will unbox the kitchen aid (it’s been sitting in a corner for two years, unused, because we don’t have the counter space). When I have a house I will decorate for holidays. When I have a house I will have a new couch, that doesn’t face the television. When I have a house I will cook real meals, and have friends over for dinner.

When I have a house I will buy an ebelskiver pan and make posh breakfasts for our guests. Yum!!

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Learned new things from the helpful gentlemen at Men’s Wearhouse. Did you know that XL and XXL shirts have bigger dimensions for shoulder, chest, sleeve, etc. but 2X or 3X just have more room for gut?

Well, now you know.

Also, MW gets a prize, because if a man shops there once they keep his measurements and can hook you up with the right size right away. Win!

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I-71 between Columbus and Cincinatti is flat.¬† Flat and sometimes even flatter.¬†Flat field, occasional windbreak of trees, house, barn with the name of the state – in case you forget where you are. Half-way to Columbus, or to Cincinatti are the outlet stores, an oasis of consumerism.¬† Which brings me to my second observation: Ohio’s cows¬†and consumers are well provided for.

Oh Ohio, I am sure there are many lovely things to¬†write, and they will be written,¬†but I am a west coast mountain girl, and an east coast city girl, I’ve never been an in the middle,¬†middling girl, this will take¬†time.

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