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I’ve used a wood wall-mounted jewelry organizer (kinda like these) for the past three years, but over that time it’s lost a few pegs and I wanted to try something new. A few days ago I saw a post on this is glamorous with jewelry elegantly arranged on hooks and wire within white picture frames. I decided to attempt my own version and I’m satisfied as a first attempt. In the future I would change up the sizes of frames and possibly use hooks instead of nails for the necklaces.


  • Wooden frames from Ikea (three-pack for cheap)
  • screw eye hooks
  • staples/stapler
  • tiny nails/hammer
  • white craft paint
  • fishing line
  • crochet hook


  1. Painted a base coat on the wooden frames
  2. Stapled the back of the frames as an anchor for the fishing line: Stapling absolutely parallel was tricky because some parts of the frame were harder than others, it can be fudged since the fishing line is transparent and will sag with the weight of the earrings.
  3. Placed nails and eye hooks randomly on the front of the frames: decided not to be precise and matchy.
  4. Painted another layer of white over the wood, nails and hooks. I know the paint may scratch off but in the meantime it keeps the nails from being to shiny (not a problem if the frames are painted silver!)
  5. I used three different fishing line options: just straight line, line with little loops tied in to it, and a basic chain stitch using the crochet hook-leaving mid-size loops for ear posts.
  6. Hang on the wall using a tiny nail in each top corner.
  7. Start distributing jewelry and monkeying around until I found a balance I liked.

I like hanging jewelry because it keeps the cat from helping herself.

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Front of House


This is our house!

Before planting anything I have to check with the HoA to see if there are restrictions (no blue flowers!! etc) and see what will still be growable if I start planting in June, which is not an ideal gardening time. Can’t put in bulbs until the fall methinks. In the meantime, my current vision for the front includes forget me nots, pansies, or other low-lying flowers bordering the sidewalk/driveway. I need to see what the plantings from the builder look like in full spring, there’s some greenery along the front, but I am really not sure what else is planted. To the left of the house you can see the walkway to the front entrance, I’d like to plant something that grows taller there, peonies, hydrangeas or strawberry crush roses are my first choices. I want something beautiful and fragrant.

Our current apartment is bordered by apple and cherry trees which have just started to bloom, walking up to the door is wonderful this time of year and it is what I will miss most about our apartment (possibly the only thing I will miss about our apartment) ­čÖé



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1. Just listened to this recording of a Tegan and Sara concert. I’ve enjoyed them since before they were superfamous and went to a concert in 2oo3, it was in a bar/restaurant and we had a great time. This winter Huz gave me tickets for their Feb concert, and then moved to OH before the performance! I went with a friend instead, cried in the car because he’d left that morning, but did have a good time at the show. Our concert had more┬áhumorous┬ástories, but this is a fun way to listen! While listening I weeded our back yard area at the apartment. It’s a mess. There is one super long thorny something snaking across our yard. Not sure if it will blossom or not, but not going to attempt moving it until I re-find gardening gloves.

2. Kraken Rum is actually quite nice.

3. Randomly caught TRANSform me, I actually recommend it. The women on the show do a good job of informing and entertaining, and their commentary about transforming yourself have added weight.

4. Still imagining our future garden, and remembered that I would love to have lilacs! In addition to being one of my favourite scents, they transplant well and a friend of mine has a lilac tree. It would be wonderful to bring a few shoots from her place to plant at ours. That reminded me that several years ago I imagined planting a garden with flowers that represented different friendships. Its an idea in progress.

5. Packed 5 boxes of books today. Have many, many more to go, but thought that getting a head start and packing ahead of time will help cut down on future procrastination. I think I am less likely to procrastinate with this move because I am so excited to finally leave.

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While wandering South Street with friends from out of town we wandered in to an amazing antique store. The photo above is of the ceiling, cram-packed with chandeliers.  My first thought for the new house was to install a standard fan/light for the master bedroom, but I keep seeing pictures of chandeliers and wanting to put one somewhere in the new place (heck, maybe the bathroom?) Probably not something this elaborate, but it does seem like a good way to add character and a dash of glamour.

I love the contrast between the crystals and brick wall.

Or perhaps something simpler?

Honestly, my preferred bedroom isn’t an ornate, dim, over the top one. My mental image is of light greens, cream, probably light coloured furniture, and a simpler, more organic looking light. Keeping a lookout for examples!

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A friend sent me over to seedsavers.org and I am in love.

First I saw blue poppies (Meconopsis betonicifolia), Covet. I’ve always loved the shape of poppies, but wasn’t a big fan of red. These are just perfect.

Then I was torn between Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) and Lupines (Lupinus polyphyllus) as a BC girl, lupines are home to me. And I really miss them. And then I go on a mental vacation to the wildflowers I haven’t seen in years, old man’s beard, paintbrush, fireweed… dayum I miss fireweed. New goal, become an amazing photographer and go back to BC for a while.

I think I forgot Johnny Jump Ups last time. They’re also home to me, they grew wild in our lawn and I’m not scared of planting them, they seemed particularly┬áresilient!

Lastly I discovered Milkmaid (Tropaeolum majus), White Cyprus Vine (Ipomoea quamoclit) and the white Cup/Saucer Vine (Cobaea scandens). At this point our new house has a sliding glass door out of the unfinished basement, and a sliding door from the kitchen that enters on to a landing and stairs down to the yard. I think putting in a deck and patio is our first priority, probably using the tax refund for first time homeowners. In the meantime, why not grow some flowers up to the kitchen level? $2.50 for a less-fugly back yard situation this summer? I can’t see a downside ­čÖé


One of my goals in starting this blog was to record the process of moving, of experiencing a new living situation and trying new things. One of my barriers to writing here is that I feel I have to be an expert in order to write a post, which just isn’t going to happen. No, the goal was to muddle through new adventures and write about the experiment. That said, here’s an experiment!

I find myself intimidated by the process of planting gardens. As a child we had a vegetable garden, some years it was huge and amazing, some years it was more basic, but each time we kids had our own plot to plan and plant. Generally our plots were successful, but I don’t think I’ve planted anything since 1993? earlier? I can’t even remember at this point. So why the apprehension? My best guess is that I want perfection, on the first try, and I don’t know that much about soil (though I remember soil testing with my dad!), or zones, or proper watering. I’m worried I will start shoveling, give up and never get back to it. Or plant, and then just let it go.

Then again, browsing websites such as the ones linked in these two posts gets me very, very tempted. My parents moved west and built their own first and second house, planted their gardens, raised animals, repaired the car (ok, that was my dad), based on following instructions in books. I have the internet, which has yet to fail me, surely I can plant some flowers?

Honestly, I am excited about the process. I’m enjoying exploring my options, reading more information about the plants that interest me, and mentally imagining what I will choose. Once I move, or the next time I visit, I will check when and where the light hits our house and make a more informed plan. So excited to try! What’s the worst that can happen? I end up with a sad, bare patch of dirt? That’s not so bad really.

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I’ve wanted plants of my own for ages. I love big, old fashioned flowers, and you’d best believe I am going to do my darndest to fancy up our new house. Because I’m big on plans, but short on actual yard for now here’s the list:

Peonies: Love them, so elegant and gorgeous… and we will have morning sun at the front of our house.

Hydrangeas: No contest. LOVE. (and white ones too)

Dahlias: I don’t even know where to start or which to choose.

Lovely, humble, Columbine


Some sort of rose, these two remind me of the wild ones where I grew up. These caught my eye as well.

Forget me nots: my childhood and adulthood fave. If all else fails you’d best believe I get these planted.

Edit: How the heck did I forget irises?!?!

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