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“Polly of the Circus” (1932)

Polly, a trapeze artist, yells at the town pastor for putting pantalettes on her posters (tights are scandalous). He takes it, then replies that the circuses own publicity manager made the change. Just as she is about to perform that night someone yells out a crack about her trousers and she falls 50 feet, breaking her legs. The pastor rushes her to his house to heal and over the next few months Polly starts reading the Bible and stops saying ain’t. Polly and the Pastor decide to get hitched. Escandalo! Because of his pantsless wife the pastor isn’t hired by his chosen church. He’s depressed and Polly wants to help, but no church will hire a divorced pastor! Polly talks to the bishop and realizes that the only way her pastor will get his church is if she “is gone.”  She leaves her huz and returns to the circus, insisting that there is no net for her act. The bishop visits the pastor and discovers Polly is gone, he relays their conversation to the pastor and both men drive to the circus hoping to get there in time. Rapid driving scenes and trapeze tricks are cut together to raise suspense. SPOILER ALERT! The bishop and pastor arrive just before Polly begins her trickiest trick (where she may have planned to fall to her death). She sees them below her, knows all will be well, and completes the trick sucessfully.



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AMC is Bad for Me

Since I have apparently decided to liveblog AMC today:

Short film: narrator tells story group of modern Americans discussing belief in miracles. One offers story of surgeon doctor who messes up and paralyzes woman. He marries her and out of guilt tends to her every need but tries to hide his reasoning. She sees what’s up and suggests they go to Lourdes together. Narrator tells story from the perspective of a crutch left behind by someone who was healed. Even though doctor husband does not believe he allows wifey to drink the water but thinks she’ll be way bitter when it doesn’t work. Doctor realizes she isn’t hoping for the miracle but he is. Doc wanders the streets dejected and is almost run over by a horse and carriage, wife sees and calls out a warning, they both realize she is standing! YAY GOD!!! Return to modern Americans who say they have heard stories, but never actually met someone who received a miracle, then notice one has a wife with a mysterious scar.. could it be Dr. John Jones and his wife Mary are pseudonyms for people in their very own group? YAY GOD!!!

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Over the past two weeks I’ve done chores and applied for jobs, and done small projects for my ex-job. And often I have the TV on for background noise. Often it’s some sort of marathon… Top Chef, 16 and Pregnant, Horrible Bridal Programs (yes to the dress, bridezillas, ew). Today it’s old movies. Here are the descriptions I sent a friend:

this one is way lameo. it’s called courageous daughters and it doesn’t make sense. basically there are four daughters and their mom was abandoned by their father 20 years ago or so and hasn’t been heard from since. and the mom is about to get married to a new guy who seems fine and dandy, and the old huz shows up. and he gets the daughters to like him again.  and one of the daughters is crushing on a shifty guy who is like the shifty dad and at first the dad supports them getting eloped… but then he talks with his exwife and she says: “dude. if I don’t marry this new guy then they won’t be able to go to acting school or have an apartment in the city with a husband with a stable job (all the girls have boyfs and are on the verge of getting married). and so the dad sees that he’s no good and tells the shifty boyfriend not to get eloped and the shifty boyfriend sends her reliable boyfriend over to meet her instead. and the girl is sad, but everyone goes to the mom’s wedding, except for shifty dad and shifty boyfriend who con their way on to a train. and everyone is… happy? at the end?

The one before that was about a girl who somewhat tricks a guy in to marrying her while he is drunk. and since he is loaded and it would be major scandal to be married and then divorced they decide to stay together for six months and then quietly part ways and he can go marry his original fiance. and of course she kinda loves him, and he’s kinda interested, but they don’t act on it. and she’s home and sad and reads something about him in the newspaper, but it isn’t clear what, and then she’s on a walk and a random guy from her town asks to marry her and she says no and just then the guy she was married to drives up and says to get in the car and they’re smooching and he’s not really paying attention to steering and THE END.

PS: The next one doesn’t really appear to be a sequel, but it is also very lame! One sister can’t get pregnant, the other is pregnant but not yet married, but heartbroken because she almost married someone in the past but her sister also loved him so the first sister stood him up. The jilted guy was depressed and drove a car over a cliff. I’m still not sure who’s baby it is. She is very old though “nearly 21” according to the music students. Fortunately there is a young doctor who explains to pregnant unwed girl just what is wrong with her emotions. Ooh! we have just discovered the daughter eloped, so much for the fancy wedding her sister was preparing. Have you ever heard a version of “here comes the bride” that ends with “let’s drink a toast with this blackberry wine!” now I have. Edit! it keeps getting better… apparently the sister who couldn’t get pregnant set up a nursery and just showed her husband, he got all excited that they’re having a child, then SUPERPISSED that she’s planning to adopt. “it destroys a man’s initiative” and “what will I tell the men at the club” are two of his reaction lines. Now there’s a heavy-handed metaphor about songs and beginnings and ends. Fortunately the guests get distracted by a discussion of sandwiches. Uh Oh. Wife adopted a girl, not a boy! Way to emasculate your man. Now she’s swoony, I bet she’s preggers!! Yep. She is. And now her sister and brother in law want the just adopted baby. Pregnant-eloped sister just told her huz he should go on tour since it isn’t even his baby. He says that if she really loved him she wouldn’t let him go so he’s going to pack up and leave her because she doesn’t really love him. Sister tells her to see him off at the station to show she really loves him. RUN FOR THE TRAIN PREGNANT LADY! Total Buffy/Reiley moment…. she arrives just as train leaves… and faints. Fainting is epidemic in the 30s it seems. The baby’s premature and needs a transfusion, the husband-not-dead-babydaddy is a match! huzzah! he can show how badly he wants to be part of the family! His blood has saved the day. In a Rhett and Scarlett moment blood-donor-dad decides to leave before wifey wakes up and knows he’s there. Wifey listens to blood-donor-dad conducting orchestra playing sperm-donor-dad’s music and is able to say goodbye to the past at last. Huz returns a few days later and has touching reunion to the soundtrack of newborns crying. Months pass and formerly infertile sister gives birth to female twins. As suspected other sister adopts hand-me-down adopted-kid. Only remaining single daughter marries doctor to the soundtrack of four wailing baby girls. FINIT.

And yes, I am aware these descriptions are difficult to follow, it’s somewhat intentional as they’re pretty similar to what it feels like to watch the dang things. Not a lot of logic abounds, but it doesn’t matter so long as everyone is properly paired off by the end.

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