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I have several blogs on my reader that are there just for eye-candy. And usually I am in the habit of starring posts to return to, but then I realized, I have a place for this!  Currently when I have nothing else to think on I start painting our house in my mind 🙂 I don’t dream of granite counter tops and jacuzzi tubs in the master bath, they’re big projects that I don’t particularly care about and are beyond my control.  Paint is something I can manage though!  So here are my thoughts of the day:

Via The City Sage:

Pale greens, browns and creams

Green's been my fave for years, and I love cream instead of white as an accent. Adding the brown tones give depth, I love it love it love it. I have no idea what we will end up with by way of furniture, but these colours are a definite probability 🙂

Charcoal, white

I'd never considered gray until seeing photo after photo of how great it can look. Particuarly paired with stark white, and a hint of warmth in the mirror frame and cozy fire.

Today we watched 500 Days of Summer and in her apartment she had a branch in a jar with origami cranes and small ornaments. Because I’m obsessing about what I will do to decorate our house next christmas it sent me on a flight of imagination: Imagine bare branches hung in the corners/ceiling of the dining room, then imagine decorating them with folded paper ornaments, sequins, glass, whatever seems to suit. Could be holiday themed, or change the colours/decorations for any time (like these tissue paper poufs-not sure if I can wait until holidays to try it out).

Decorated branch

Via Channel4.com

Decorated Branch

Via Enchanted Designs

Decorated Branch

Via Nibsblog

Decorative branch

Via dqb

Decorative Branch

Via Ecosalon.com

Decorative Branch

Via Lovemyearth


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