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Here are the houses I am going to see tomorrow. If you had to rank them, which would you choose and why? (keep in mind that this is the first day of going inside the houses, we have done drive-bys of several of them). Our realtor seems pretty great, he’s competent, gets the job done.
I’ll update after the visit tomorrow with commentary.

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Tomorrow I’m on my way to Ohio, and it will be a houstraveganza!

Our realtor sent us over 100 houses to look at, we narrowed the list down by ditching the fugly ones, and we still have between 30-40 to consider. While proctoring my exam I built a spreadsheet with # of bedrooms, address, price, taxes, HOA, square footage, lot size, comments on the kitchen and curb appeal (helps to differentiate) and comments from Huz and I. Then today, when I had to be in the office, but wasn’t interested in grading, I organized the houses by town and sorted by price. From that list I mapped them on google maps and figured out the most organized order for drive-by screenings. Hopefully looking at their outsides/neighborhoods will help us cut more of them from the list.

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I-71 between Columbus and Cincinatti is flat.  Flat and sometimes even flatter. Flat field, occasional windbreak of trees, house, barn with the name of the state – in case you forget where you are. Half-way to Columbus, or to Cincinatti are the outlet stores, an oasis of consumerism.  Which brings me to my second observation: Ohio’s cows and consumers are well provided for.

Oh Ohio, I am sure there are many lovely things to write, and they will be written, but I am a west coast mountain girl, and an east coast city girl, I’ve never been an in the middle, middling girl, this will take time.

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