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Winter Tomatoes

Sometimes in winter I crave colour and flavour that reminds me of summer thus, one of my favourite side dishes is “winter tomatoes”


  • Small to medium tomatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Seasoning

I used “baby on the vine” tomatoes for my most recent batch.  Cut the tomatoes in half and remove any stems. Pour some oil in the pan and season, you can keep it simple with salt and pepper, but the last time I made these I used pepper, garlic salt and rosemary. Once the oil is hot, slide the tomato halves face down in to the pan.  Cook until they are heated through. You may wish to add more seasoning to the skin of the tomatoes. I usually can tell they are heated through because the colour of the skin changes… or there’s no harm in testing!

Sometimes I eat these as is, with some cheese or toast, sometimes they are the side to a ommelette or other deliciousness. Be careful when biting in as they will be hot!


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