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Creekside Gahanna

Do you think there are alligators in Ohio?


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Tomorrow I’m on my way to Ohio, and it will be a houstraveganza!

Our realtor sent us over 100 houses to look at, we narrowed the list down by ditching the fugly ones, and we still have between 30-40 to consider. While proctoring my exam I built a spreadsheet with # of bedrooms, address, price, taxes, HOA, square footage, lot size, comments on the kitchen and curb appeal (helps to differentiate) and comments from Huz and I. Then today, when I had to be in the office, but wasn’t interested in grading, I organized the houses by town and sorted by price. From that list I mapped them on google maps and figured out the most organized order for drive-by screenings. Hopefully looking at their outsides/neighborhoods will help us cut more of them from the list.

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