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We’ve known for a while that Huz would move midyear, and I would follow him out in June. And at first I was ok with that. We’re comfortable in our relationship, trust one another absolutely, and aren’t clingy people. We won’t be on the phone every minute, and possibly not even every day, we will certainly check in, miss one another, have conversations, flirt, but I don’t anticipate being all whiny and crying in to my pillow every night.

But suddenly it is January, and now it’s hitting me in the gut.  I am going to miss him so much! At times I will be glad to come home and not have someone else’s dishes and laundry, or have to listen to his WoW friends talking… but there are so many ways that I won’t even anticipate until suddenly they hit and I feel sad 😦 Let’s hope those months go so quickly.


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