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For dinner earlier this week I made Pan Fried Pork Tenderloin Chops from the recipe at How To Cook Like Your Grandmother, with a few variations.  They are easy and delicious! First you cut your pork loin in to slices about an inch thick, then you pound them flat (a very satisfying way to make dinner during a rough week), season. The recipe calls for salt and pepper, but I used some Memphis dry rub. Put butter in your pan (I used a stainless steel chef’s pan), heat it up.  I used what I thought was medium high heat, but I think it should have been hotter to get them nice and crispy on the outside. Put flour on a plate, dip both sides of the chop on the flour, cook in the pan.  I added a bit more dry rub while they were cooking.  And Huz added hot sauce while he was eating. Before serving I also made a quick pan sauce by adding vegetable stock (about a cup? whatever looks good and won’t just be soup), and some red wine (half cup? ish?) In the time it took to deglaze the pan my sauce thickened perfectly, in part because of the remaining floury bits. It was deeeelish! Also, though these are “fried” they didn’t seem particularly oily or heavy, just tasty 🙂

Kitchen adventures continued yesterday as I made delciously chewy ginger cookies (again, with a few small changes). As it was my first time using the recipe, and I was making them for my students, I stayed pretty close to the directions. I made the cookies themselves smaller, only about an inch in diameter, and instead of using refined sugar I used demerara, it seemed more festive I guess! Because the cookies were smaller I found that at around 10.5 minutes they were done. The students seemed to like them and I think I am making another batch tonight, just so that I can test for quality purposes of course.


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