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Downtowns were once collections of local businesses that lured us with claims of uniqueness: “Try our homemade pies,” their signs read, or “Best jazz selection in town.” Today, those signs have been replaced by familiar corporate logos that make precisely the opposite claim, promising us the same goods arranged in the same way as they are in every other place. The banks and burritos and baristas on one city block are replicated on the next — and in all the malls, in all the cities, in all the states. Americans can drive from one ocean to the other, stopping every day for the same hamburger and every evening at the same hotel. Traveling in a straight line is no longer much different than traveling in a circle. (Source)

This is exactly what I was scared of with this move. All I really knew about OH were the chain stores and chain restaurants and housing developments. After visiting Columbus and going to Schmidt’s and Shadowbox I am more optimistic. It’s the reason for my “miss list”  after moving I intend to compliment the miss list with a page of places and events unique to Columbus.


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