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Walmart and Local Produce: Walmart does like to be competitive and fill a niche. I admit, I am not a fan of Walmart shopping (the parking lot in our local supercenter seems to always be nightmarish).  Fresher local veg may be worth it, but probably won’t go out of my way to shop the Walmarts.

Was Mary Todd Lincoln nutters? Slate thinks maybe yes. Honestly, one of my students is writing an essay about her and until then I had no idea of her later life circumstances (yes, I am a History teacher and I didn’t know). A reminder of just how much there is to know and how much is glossed over. Recently read that disability studies is a growing field in history and I can definitely see why. If I ever went back to grad school it’s an option I suppose. (Reading Recasting American Liberty and touring the Tenement Museum also had me thinking along these lines).

The NYT has me thinking about tourism and the impact of recreating an historic Mormon town.

Following MB Fashion Week and the Olympics via web and twitter. Spectacular fashion and feats 🙂 (ps. did you know the Olympics have an app? keeps me up to date on medal counts and public transit, makes me feel like I’m there).


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